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Unscheduled Time

Unscheduled time is an important part of Halio's program, and an integral part of our tight-knit, intimate atmosphere. 


We acknowledge and honor a child's need for freedom to self-direct, to explore, to recreate and have private personal space for their own creative play and social interaction.  A healthy human being in a nurturing environment will challenge him or herself with new tasks to develop skills and strength. Sometimes we don't understand what they're doing - it's not clear to adult observers. Sometimes they organize games, sometimes they get into conflicts, sometimes they can work them out, and sometimes they need our support or intervention. We believe this is the most healthy natural expression of a wholesome and thriving childhood.

Sometimes the children get bored, but boredom is the springboard of creativity. 


Often on Fridays, when the whole school is unscheduled, groups of unlikely friends (that don’t study together) will find themselves creating and designing new projects together.  There is inevitably conflict and conflict resolution, which builds relationships, helps children learn to express themselves, and builds confidence in their ability to work through their own problems.  The reason to choose this school is because we educate the whole child:  emotionally, socially, inter-personally, physically and academically.  The Friday activity, and the unstructured time is the classroom for learning these essential life skills. 

Our children have written  community newspapers,  formed their own governments.  They have become entrepreneurs, put together fashion shows, dance performances, puppet shows and plays, sporting activities, games and group projects by themselves.  

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