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Progressive Education and 21st Century Skills

The 21st century is a different world than the one we grew up in. 

Information is widely available, and the work environment is rapidly changing and completely unpredictable. Our children need different skills to thrive in tomorrow's world than the ones being taught in traditional schools.

Progressive education emphasizes experiential learning, rather than information learning in preparation for tests. At Halio, you will find:

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Constructing IMG_2474.heic.png

At Halio, we strive to develop our children to become:

Critical Thinkers
Being able to view a situation from many angles is a crucial element of innovation. In a world where information is abundant, children must analyze and evaluate with their own intelligence rather than accepting what they hear at face value.  In every situation, Halio children are invited and encouraged to question.

Creative Problem Solvers
Life continuously presents us with problems and dilemmas. When children have experience in solving their own problems, they view these obstacles as challenges rather than setbacks. They learn that situations are workable and they take problems in their stride and work to overcome them. In order to succeed, children must have the mental flexibility that allows them to apply creative solutions to mundane situations, and think outside the box. 

Our project based learning and the school structure demand that students know what needs to be accomplished, and how to go about implementing their ideas and evaluating their results.  In many cases, nothing happens unless the student makes it happen.


Children have the ability to go beyond common fears and inhibitions and act without hesitation. Halio students learn to interact and communicate with others from different places and different backgrounds.  Students have the opportunity to perform and most of our students take advantage of this opportunity.  

Students are taught to manage their own lives. If they are to become entrepreneurs, independent contractors, or freelancers, like much of the modern workforce, they must be able to manage their time and commitments gracefully.

Halio students adopt a larger world view. They have an awareness of diverse peoples and an intercultural sensitivity that will allow them to move between and among national borders, racial boundaries, and languages - with comfort and ease.

The clear presentation of ideas to others is a critical aspect of success in any field. The extent to which we can effectively have others understand our needs and intentions is often the extent to which we can get things accomplished. Students are encouraged to participate in group discussions and share their opinions and experiences openly.

Team workers
The dynamic ability to work well with other people builds leadership skills. Children who can work on a team to complete a task become adults who can organize and manage groups to achieve their goals.

Students must be interested and inspired to reflect, examine, explore, and discover the vast expanse of their world. Life is a continuous journey of discovery, and our children are nurtured to be lifelong learners.

The entire Halio program is permeated with an atmosphere that trains and develops these essential human qualities.

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