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Athletics Program

Physical health is an essential component to social and emotional health, and academic excellence. Halio kids spend a lot of their time physically engaged.

Kindergarten and Primary School engage their bodies every day developing balance, co-ordination, and strength in their self-directed play on our extensive playground equipment. They have a formal physical education class twice weekly where they develop sportsmanship and stamina in easy ball games, running games, and team sports. 


Organized sports and the ability to work on a team become increasingly important as the child matures.  The commitment to a training with a team and its coach helps children develop personal discipline and patience, in a way that is unparalleled.  The camaraderie that ensues from shared triumph and defeat, and the grace to handle them both, has lifelong rewards.

Halio currently offers football (soccer) and swimming weekly. We have clubs based on interest that include basketball, badminton, track and field, golf, kickball, baseball, and yoga based on student interest.  

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