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Mixed Age Community Love

Whether during Circle Time, on the playground, or on trips, Halio students have lots of mixed age interactions. We treasure having our little ones looking up to our older students, watching what the 'big kids' are doing. Of course this brings the opportunity to support cultivating good qualities so that our older students can be worthy role models on the playground and mentors in the classroom. 

Halio teachers are skilled in differentiation, which means that each child gets uniquely challenged to do their best work. Each child's goals are their own, and they are guided to stay in the slightly uncomfortable "growth" zone rather than the painful zone (too hard) or the lazy zone (too easy). Our teachers encourage and inspire our children to be the best they can be. Sometimes students of different ages and ability will share a classroom. In this environment, younger students often get interested and  ‘spy’ on the work of older ones. They often progress more quickly because they've already taken an interest in what's next. Older students often step into mature roles of leadership and assistance when they are in the company of younger children. The older children reinforce their existing skills and develop confidence and pride in their capabilities.

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