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Admissions Process

Halio Kindergarten is currently full (ages 3-5) with a waitlist for May 2024.

Halio Lower Primary is also full (ages 6-9) with a waitlist for May 2024.

We are accepting applications for native English speaking children in our Upper Primary School program (ages 10-12). 

Halio welcomes students with a positive attitude toward learning, and whose parents seek a well-rounded, liberal arts education for their child. Students at Halio demonstrate social, emotional and intellectual maturity. Because of the unique community nature of the school — with value placed on cross-age interactions, cooperative learning, and personal responsibility — the admission process requires the participation of: the candidate, the candidate's family, and the school, to reach an understanding of mutual expectations. The relationship between the school's values and those of its families is a key ingredient to success within our program.

If you believe your child will thrive in Halio's non-traditional environment, and your family will contribute to the school community, please follow the steps below to begin the admission process.

1.  Email Letter of Interest
Please send an email to and be sure to include the important family information detailed below to help us get to know you a little better. Once we receive your letter, we'll contact you to arrange the Family Tour.

- Names, ages, birthdates, and nationalities of your child(ren).
- Mother’s name and nationality.
- Father’s name and nationality.
- Spoken and written English ability of your child(ren).
- Spoken and written Thai ability of your child(ren).
- Any other spoken or written languages.
- Information about the current school situation.

- Any behavioral / mental / learning challenges?
- How long have you been living in Thailand?
- What brings you and your family to Thailand?
- How long have you been living in Hua Hin?
- Why did your family decide to settle in Hua Hin?
- Do you know any existing families at Halio? How did you hear about us?
- What appeals to you about Halio?
- What would you like your child(ren) to gain from their school experience?

2.  Arrange Family Tour
Schedule a school visit to tour the facilities, meet the teachers, and experience the environment. Children are welcome during this visit, and it's preferable if they attend.  

3.  Student’s Trial Visit
If you wish to proceed with an application for placement, we will schedule a day or two for your child to have a trial experience at Halio to determine mutual suitability. This allows us to get to know each other a little better, to complete an academic assessment, to make sure your child is well-suited for our program, and that they will thrive in our non-traditional environment.

Please bring the completed application forms to the trial day, so that we are sure to have parent contact information. At the end of the trial session, a follow-up interview will be scheduled.

+ +

When these three steps have been completed, your application packet will be accepted by the school, and will be submitted to the admissions team. Please understand that we are a small school, and our enrollment limits us to only a few new students each year. We give highest priority to native English speakers that are bilingual with Thai, family members of existing students, and students that will stay long-term.

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