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"Halio has brought out the best in our children. They have attended several different international schools both in Thailand and Europe, but Halio's program best suited us. Our previous schools have all been IB schools. We like Halio's small class size and the family feel of the school. We appreciate the fact that the teachers really and truly do know and care about our children.  Halio is the best school our kids have ever attended."                 - Nina Lautner, Sweden

"Since leaving a mainstream, cookie-cutter type school where my son was struggling, Halio has been a life saver! My 10-year-old has simply thrived from the individualized attention, unbelievably favorable teacher-student ratio, and a dedicated team of educators who are nothing short of obsessed with delivering caring, student-centered, 21st century approaches to learning and life. Padma and her team have managed a fantastic blend of 'Readin', 'Ritin' and 'Rithmetic,  as well as modern pedagogy that encourages critical thinking and holistic, multiple-intelligence learning along with
weaving the best of both Thai and Western values into the culture of the school. I am very satisfied and grateful."                                                             - Rob Davies, Hua Hin

"I want to thank Padma and the whole team at Halio for what they have done for our son during the last two years. This has been an invaluable experience and a memory for his whole life. Thank you for paying so much attention to him, spending your time writing emails and
helping to improve his behavior, making him polite, responsible and calm. Thank you for his excellent English. When he came to Halio, he could only say his name and how old he was.  Now our son is a family interpreter and can write pages of text in English. Thank you for the folder with photos and stories of his trips, it is a precious memory for our family.  I wish Halio prosperity, success in developing and expanding. I think every kid wants to learn in such a school and we are very pleased to have had Halio in our lives."                                                       Kate Bugaenko, Russia

"My children have been in this program for ten years now.  I can't imagine sending them anywhere else, so I pushed for the expansion to a secondary school, and I've become involved in making it happen. 
Once they've had an extraordinary learning opportunity like this, it's hard to settle for anything less."                                                                                       - Alia Umar, Hua Hin

"If you want to give your child a truly international education, Halio School is the best choice in Hua Hin. English is spoken in all classes (except Thai) and also on the playground (which is unusual in Thailand). Since arriving nearly 2 years ago, our son Charlie has positively thrived in the Halio environment.
He has become worldly wise beyond his years and can hold mature conversations with adults who can't believe he's 12."                                   - Peter Stevens, Hua Hin

"We visited Halio only for a short time and had subsequent email exchanges with the very forward-looking Padma Fischer-White. We were so impressed that we are planning to move to Thailand to give our daughter an education which makes kids curious to learn, explore and teach them more up-to-date learning skills of the 21st century, something we miss in the United States. Padma seems very open to new ideas and
we love to hear how flexible the school is due to its small size when it comes to introducing a new subject or making changes wanted by the students and endorsed by the parents. We can't wait to materialize our move. We wish we had gone to Halio when we were little. Thanks Padma."                                   - P. Shields, Houston, Texas

"Our sons joined HALIO a year ago. Since then, they've changed a lot. Sean was shy, lacking self-confidence and not affectionate. Now,
he could be the only one dancing in the middle of a crowd and he wouldn't mind. He's smiling a lot and we're getting plenty of hugs and kisses even in public places! A year ago, that seemed impossible. Academically, they've improved a lot too. Matthew's weakest subject was Maths a year ago. Now he's excelling in it. We think the "home-style" environment makes learning easier because it's more relaxed and each individual child's needs are catered for according to their own ability. Overall, it's the best school our children have attended and we couldn't be happier."                         - Chris and Judith Sweeney, UK

"I am a Thai father, and I have to admit that I was very uncertain whether the teaching methods at Halio would work.
It is totally different from what I grew up with. I am happy to say that I was proved wrong. My children are half Thai, and I especially worried that their Thai would go down if they studied at an American run international school. Surprisingly, both reading and writing Thai actually improved when they left the Thai school (English program), and started at their individual ability level at Halio!"                                                   - Teerachai Jaroenwong, Hua Hin

"Ploi had been studying Thai at school for several years, but I was frustrated and worried because she still couldn't read. 
After one month at Halio, she is already sounding out words and starting to read, and I'm so pleased and relieved.  Thank you, Halio teachers!" 
                                                                                                                           - Orathai Inthaket, Hua Hin

Things are much more peaceful in our house since the children moved to Halio.  I used to have to fight with them to get them to school in the morning, now they get dressed and ready on their own.  At night we used to fight about homework, and they were often upset because it was so hard and boring.  Now they are doing their homework willingly and it is at the right level of difficulty.  I'm so happy we moved."                                               - F. Mensinga, Hua Hin

"I would like to thank you and all the great teachers at Halio for the excellent tuition you have given our daughter.
We have seen a remarkable change for the best in her, educationally and socially, during her time at Halio.  She will not be continuing next term, due to me being made redundant from my position here in Asia.  I hope the schools (in Australia) are as good as Halio."                                                                           - Phil Bates, Gold Coast, Australia

Ben talked about Halio for ages after he left.  He would often surprise us by saying, "I know how to do that - I learned it with Kru Pet!"  Thank you for a terrific learning experience that stayed with both of our children for years."                                         - Jiaranai Aroka, Hanoi, Vietnam

"Halio school was a good place for my kids to learn how to study. They achieved a solid base in English and Math, and
they are now top students at their new school who are confident and relaxed while they are learning new things. They are also good at managing their time well and are very independent, thanks to Halio's program.  As parents, we were very happy to see our kids were having fun while they studied.  At the same time, they were given so much knowledge and so many tools to keep up the good work in the future. We also appreciated the "green" values of the school.  If we were to choose again between Halio and an ordinary school, we would for sure choose Halio again."             - Mimi and Dag Olaf, Bryne, Norway

"Our children attended Halio in the school year 2010/11. We found Halio suited our needs and our children's educational requirements perfectly. Our children were 11 and 6, and had been educated in Ireland up until that point. Before choosing Halio we looked carefully at the other two main schools in Hua Hua, that offered classes in an English language. Halio stood out and in particular Padma, who met with us, spent time with us introducing the school and its education methods. The flexibility of having some of our Irish curriculum and books introduced to the class and the style of Halio’s teaching appealed to us in making our decision. Our children responded very positively to the Halio method of teaching, and both our children had a great learning experience.  
The community spirit of Halio suited our ideology of how children should interact with each other, and the respect and care they all had for each other was outstanding.  As parents we enjoyed the community so much it was a pleasure to assist in listening to the children practise their reading and to help them with sport activities after school. We have no hesitation in recommending Halio school for any parent thinking about sending their children there."                                                                         
 - Stephen & Cathy Bailey, Dublin, Ireland

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