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Primary School Program

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” - John Dewey

All aspects of school life are learning opportunities when they are cultivated and presented as such. In our intimate and stimulating environment, children develop skills in an enjoyable learning community. Individual talents are identified, honed and celebrated. So much of what we want to achieve happens outside of a traditional classroom setting. It is in this space that children truly explore social, moral, spiritual, cultural and wellness aspects of life, and learn essential non-cognitive skills such as confidence, self-efficacy, time management, persistence, curiosity, independence, creativity while also improving cognitive skills such as complex communication skills, the ability to analyze, leadership, teamwork, and global perspective. 


We allow students to have the freedom of choice and independence to make decisions that will impact their school lives, as well as develop their curiosity, adventurous spirit, love of learning, and appreciation for the natural world. The Halio team creates structures and the culture of the school itself creates opportunities for this learning to take place.

Although we have a conservative approach to English, Thai and Mathematics, even these subjects are taught in an engaging and creative way, reinforced with the other subjects in our integrated and holistic project based learning. Halio students live Science through their interactions with the natural world, and explore History by asking questions about how our relatives solved problems or how our ancestors navigated challenging situations in the past.

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